… “We want to be the best science-fiction channel that we possibly can, and in some respects, that means going back to the more traditional sci-fi/fantasy that fans often say they feel we’ve exited,” Howe tells THR. “We’re going to occupy that space in a way we haven’t for the past few years.” …
The Hollywood Reporter http://bit.ly/1kmmDbj

I hope this is a hint at things to come. More Sci fi drama shows less stupid reality shows. I’d almost prefer more old scifi show reruns than some of the reality programming they’ve been showing lately. But I hope they don’t stop producing the low budget scifi/horror movies. I love them. Sharknado was awesome with its badness.

Of course I wish they could work out a deal and launch a new Star Trek series on Syfy. Just saying.

Edward Borman, a lowly government office drone, finds himself trapped, when the deadly Mercury Men seize his office building as a staging ground for their nefarious plot. Aided by a daring aerospace engineer from a mysterious organization known as “The League,” Edward must stop the invaders and their doomsday device, the Gravity Engine.

The Mercury Men marks a modern return of the classic cliffhanger serials. “The web video format seemed the perfect opportunity to reintroduce the old serial style of storytelling,” says writer/director Christopher Preksta. “Not as an homage with cheesy dialogue, corny characters, and bad special effects, but as a modern story with the great suspense, danger, and mystery the serials were known for at the time. With the short form of digital media, movies are simply coming back to their roots.”

The new web series, written and directed by Christopher Preksta (Captain Blasto), starring Mark Tierno (George Romero’s Day of the Dead, The Road, Captain Blasto) and Curt Wootton (Captain Blasto), premieres this fall on mercuryseries.com and iTunes.